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The most beautiful thing you said to me when we were in love
"I imagine waking up next you to, my face in the juncture of your neck and shoulder, my arms around your waist, my hands just underneath the hem of your shirt, my leg thrown over yours, your fingers loosely angles in my shirt because you fell asleep holding me to you. I would lay there and debate getting up to make you breakfast or staying, curled around you, so I could watch you wake up and keep you warm. I imagine that so often, and it’s so lovely." Sent sometime last year.

"I’ve fallen apart
Almost as many times
As I’ve put myself
Back together again."

- M.S. (via coffee-crinkled-pages)


I miss you so much


(July 1st. 11:07pm)

"I love you. I’m sorry about what happened, I want you back."

(July 1st. 4:02am)

"Please talk to me I miss you so god damn much it feels like my heart is going to explode. Jesus why are you so addicting?"

(July 2nd. 3:07am)

"Baby, baby I love you. Fuck, this alcohol tastes like you and my pillow smells just like you and please come home."

(July 2nd. 4:08am)

"I love you so fucking much why did you break my heart into something ugly when our love was so beautiful."

(July 3rd. 6:55am)

"I miss everything about you. Is it normal to feel like a part of me is missing without you here?"

(July 4th. 10:09pm)

"Fireworks are going off and people are cheering and fuck how can they be so happy when the world is falling apart?"

(July 5th 4:02am)

"This was my favorite time of the day with you, when I got to kiss your sleepy lips and hear about all the things you were too afraid to say when the sun was awake. Fuck I miss you so fucking much."

(July 7th 10am)

"You haven’t replied so I guess it’s time I let you go. I’m sorry about everything. I’ll love you forever. Goodbye my love."


- Texts I regret sending you. (via jessielou24)

"I’m doing my best
To be okay
But it doesn’t always work."

- M.S. (via coffee-crinkled-pages)

"I wanted you to fight for me! I wanted you to say that there was no one else that you could ever be with and that you’d rather be alone than without me."

- Brooke Davis, One Tree Hill (3x05)