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Me trying to live my life while my mom constantly nags and criticizes me


Me trying to live my life while my mom constantly nags and criticizes me

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"People inspire you, or they drain you — pick them wisely."

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Stop Dating All The Wrong People:


These Are The Traits Your Ideal Partner Should Have

Does not judge you when you slip up
Perhaps this is the one of the top priority qualities to look for in a partner. Everyone makes mistakes; it’s part of life. If you are willing to admit and own up to your faults and rectify them, then that should be sufficient closure to move on with your life.

Your partner should not be throwing your mistakes in your face. He or she should not judge you or make you feel guilty; instead, he or she should stick by your side as you try to make those mistakes right. Good judgment results from truly learning from your mistakes. If that’s what your course of action really intends, then your partner should support you in that endeavor.

Endures awkward family gatherings with you
When you are in a serious relationship, you are in a relationship with your partner’s family, too. Everyone’s family is unique; some may be even a little more than difficult. Date someone who will stick by your side when you have to go to those family gatherings you know you would rather not attend. Instead of giving you a hard time, your partner will be your support system and understand why you don’t want to be there. He or she will not try to butt in or offer unsolicited advice; instead, your partner will feel what you feel and support you throughout the entire thing.

Notices when you get a haircut
This doesn’t literally mean your partner will notice your haircut; rather, he or she will notice those small physical changes you make to your appearance. Your partner should be paying attention to your appearance, not to judge you, but because your face is the one he or she adores; your partner looks at you standing in front of him or her every day.

When you are engaging in a multitude of activities together, you want your partner to be completely invested and not have his mind drifting elsewhere. If you make a drastic personal alteration and your partner doesn’t notice, chances are, he or she isn’t paying full attention to you in the first place.

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do u ever daydream about decorating ur first apartment bc i do

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